Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. When Kayla Medica and William Hwang walk down the street holding hands, people turn their heads. And it’s not just because the year-old Sydneysider is noticeably taller than her Chinese-Burmese boyfriend. Kayla, from an Australian-European background, has been with her partner for more than one-and-a-half years. The couple met on Instagram when they were both managing business accounts in similar industries, and thought they could collaborate. Although they “really hit it off”, she says they had their reservations after meeting in person because they are so different physically. Kayla says while her family has been accepting of their relationship, her partner’s parents weren’t the most open to their year-old son dating somebody from a different background.

Petronas, Progress extend closing date on proposed deal

Posted August 26, p. EDT Updated August 26, p. KABUL, Afghanistan — Heavy flooding has killed at least people and injured scores of others as heavy seasonal rains drenched northern and eastern Afghanistan, officials said Wednesday. Annual heavy rains, compounded by mudslides, often threaten remote areas of Afghanistan, where infrastructure is poor. Summer often brings heavy rainfall in northern and eastern parts of the country, leading to floods that leave hundreds dead every year.

CHARIKAR, Afghanistan – The death toll from two days of heavy flooding in Dating corona-style leads to love connections, even marriage.

I t was while recording a story about the impossibility of divorce for women in Afghanistan that Zarghuna Kargar decided she must find the strength to end her own arranged marriage. Trained by the BBC World Service’s charitable arm in Pakistan, in London she became the presenter of Afghan Woman’s Hour , a weekly magazine programme modelled on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour that highlighted the terrible position of women in Afghan society. The show was a huge hit and was praised for its frank treatment of subjects including domestic violence and homosexuality.

But though her own family was educated and liberal, and her parents moved to the west partly for the benefit of their five daughters, an arranged marriage was expected and Zarghuna accepted that. Breaking an engagement was a big thing and I got scared. And we got married. The whole time it was a horrible feeling.

Now Zarghuna, who is 28 and known as Zari because some British people find the guttural “gh” sound difficult, has written about her miserable three-year marriage in her first book. Dear Zari is a heart-wrenching anthology of the personal stories broadcast on Afghan Woman’s Hour. It includes appalling stories of abuse — of girls given away as household slaves to settle family feuds, of widows shunned, of wives blamed for giving birth to daughters.

Interwoven are intimate details of the author’s life, including her wedding night.

Death toll from heavy Afghanistan flooding surpasses 150

Visit our new interactive Atlas! The lowest median age at first marriage is in Nimroz. Child marriage is driven by gender inequality and the belief that girls are somehow inferior to boys. In Afghanistan, child marriage is also driven by:. Afghanistan has committed to eliminate child, early and forced marriage by in line with target 5. Afghanistan co-sponsored the and UN General Assembly resolutions on child, early and forced marriage.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in a statement ordered aid be delivered to Parwan and other provinces while expressing his condolences to the.

These people get government assistance to start income generating activities. Curiously enough, Filipino brides love flowers. Dowry, the money, goods, or estate that a woman brings to her husband or his family in marriage. Eligible marriage seekers looking for top matrimonial sites in India can register on Match finder to find their life partner. Bride and groom on marriage ceremony: The new couple bows down to each other.

Asya Photography. This item appears in the collection Marriage and Family in Shakespeare’s England. Indian brides sites offer a huge audience of potential spouses. This InfoFile discusses birth, marriage and death records for New York City, and how they can be accessed on microfilm. Accra, June 23, GNA – Ideally it is the wish and will of every growing girl child to be nurtured and well-groomed until that time a man will asks for her hand in marriage just as the Holy books.

Pakistani Widows For Marriage Accept Playgam

Soldiers and locals search for victims in a mudslide following heavy flooding in the Parwan province, north of Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, Aug. Heavy flooding in northern Afghanistan has killed and injured dozens of people officials said Wednesday. KABUL, Afghanistan — Heavy flooding has killed at least 70 people and injured dozens of others as heavy seasonal rains drenched northern and eastern Afghanistan, officials said Wednesday. Spokesperson for northern Parwan province Wahida Shahkar said the number of casualties may rise as rescue teams work to locate people buried under destroyed houses.

Sinclair says while many Afghans told her the men would wait until puberty, If you have serious intentions to find, date, and marry a woman from India, you.

Turkey and Greece have both vowed to defend their competing claims in eastern Mediterranean as the NATO allies remained locked in a tense dispute over offshore energy exploration rights. Philippine military officials say Muslim militants allied with the Islamic State group have set off a powerful motorcycle explosive followed by a suicide bombing that together killed 14 people, many of them soldiers.

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Marriage and divorce after military deployment to Afghanistan: A matched cohort study from Sweden

To investigate the probability of marriage and divorce among Swedish military veterans deployed to Afghanistan relative to non-deployed matched comparators. Military veterans were identified through Swedish military personnel registers regarding foreign deployments, and comparators from the Military Service Conscription Register — Of 1,, eligible conscripts, had served in Afghanistan at some point in time between and To each military veteran, up to 5 non-deployed comparators who underwent conscription were matched by age, sex, psychological assessment, cognitive ability, psychiatric history and social characteristics.

The main outcome was marriage or divorce after deployment to Afghanistan. Data on marital status were retrieved from Statistics Sweden until December 31,

delivery vans from Mercedes-Benz, the biggest such order for the German automaker to date Death toll from heavy Afghanistan flooding surpasses

Old customs still prevalent in some parts of our society considers widows as inauspicious. This natural-color satellite image shows the dense part of the cloud approaching Yemen lower left and translucent swirls of dust over the Arabian Sea. Real Hua Hin ladies ready to talk with you. In some cases, the Muslim Pakistani man has foreign non Muslim wife and they live outside Pakistan in the wife’s country.

Google Play is the heart of the Android OS. Daniel, US, writes: Genesis never tells us that all the descendants of Cain were wicked, and Scripture does not teach that polygamy is wrong. Your employees as well as colleagues like you because you are a polite, sociable and easygoing person. No one is trying to disparage the concept marriage. Form 25 is under revision 6. An Afghan security force member stands at the site of a car bomb attack in Kabul on May 31,

Floods in north, east Afghanistan leave at least 100 dead

Arranged marriage is a type of marital union where the brides and grooms are selected by the girl and the boy themselves, with total involvement of the families and social circles of them in the selection process. In some cultures a professional matchmaker may be used to find a spouse for a young person. This is in contrast to forced marriages , where either the bride or the groom or both have no say in the marriage.

This is also in contrast to the dating process, where either there is no involvement of the families and social circles. Arranged marriages have historically been prominent in many cultures.

or other considerations, the paternal male cousin can also “reserve” her by making a public and formal statement of his intentions to marry her at a future date.

Cousin marriage is allowed and often encouraged throughout the Middle East. There is very little numerical evidence of rates of cousin marriage in the past. The Persian king Ardashir I of the Sasanian Empire advised his lawyers, secretaries, officers, and husbandmen to “marry near relatives for the sympathy of kinship is kept alive thereby.

The Kitab al-Aghani similarly features the story of Qays ibn Dharih, who was not allowed by his father to marry a beautiful maiden from another tribe because, in the words of the father felt that as rich and wealthy man he did not want his son to take the side of a stranger. There is the related consideration that a man who grows up with a cousin in the intimate setting of one extended family knows her and so may develop his own liking or love for her.

There is also the benefit of knowing the qualities of the spouse: a Syrian proverb reads, “Ill luck which you know is better than good luck with which you get acquainted.

Arranged marriage

The couple signed up for Match. The couple, who are now engaged, had their first Zoom date at the end of April. It lasted seven hours.

Views. 2. CrossRef citations to date. 0. Altmetric. Reviews. Marriage and family factors relevant to effective cardiac rehabilitation: A review of risk factor literature​.

The government gave Petronas 30 days to make additional representations to alter the ruling. Petronas said it intends to make further submissions to the ministry in order to obtain approval of the proposed deal. The company said it had met with Canadian officials to understand the basis for the rejection. The transaction was earlier expected to close by October Under the terms of the deal, Petronas has the right to extend the outside date from October 31 for up to 90 additional days, in day increments, if the required regulatory approvals have not been obtained.

Two Petronas sources familiar with the deal told Reuters earlier on Monday that the company had agreed to an extension with Progress and was eager to complete the acquisition despite the unexpected decision by Canada. The Petronas board agreed to the extension at a regular monthly meeting, the sources told Reuters. Petronas sources said Canada was not keen on Progress being delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange if the Petronas buyout was approved, due to concerns about accountability.

Petronas officials say they will underline their plans with Progress under an existing joint venture to build an LNG export terminal on the Pacific coast. Progress shares rose sharply following the extension of the arrangement. Discover Thomson Reuters.

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A spokesperson for Parwan province, Wahida Shahkar, said casualties may still rise as rescue teams work to locate those buried under hundreds of destroyed houses. She said 25 died and 40 were injured while the head of the provincial hospital, Abdul Qasim Sangin, said 35 bodies and 76 injured were brought there. Shahar said the flooding started in the central part of the province Tuesday night following heavy rains. She called on the government to deliver aid and provide immediate support for workers digging through mud to reach those trapped.

Summer often brings heavy rainfall in northern and eastern Afghanistan, leading to floods that leave hundreds dead every year. New features on our site.

Afghans who are dual nationals are treated solely as Afghan under the law. It is not possible for a non-Muslim man to marry a Muslim woman in Afghanistan, but it.

Most girls dream about about falling in love, getting married in a beautiful dress, and having a family. But for thousands of young Afghan girls, and millions more across Asia and Africa, marriage often comes before they are old enough for such dreams — and ends in nightmare. Torpekay, for example, is an Afghan girl from western Herat Province. Although just 17, she has been married for four years. So heavy, she says, that she tried to escape — by taking her own life.

She survived the attempt, and has been recovering at a local hospital. Using gasoline was the easiest way. She is barely 11 years old. They mainly take place in Asian and African regions where poor families see daughters as a burden and as second-class citizens. The girls are given into the “care” of a husband, and many of them end up abused.

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